Birthday vacations

Miss M had a birthday last week. We usually let them decide if they would like a friend birthday or a family birthday. The friend birthday is what you think of as the regular birthday party.  On family birthday’s we try to do something a little more special and something that we don’t often. It […]

Birthday Cake

When talking about birthday parties the other day, I mentioned that a vegan family could always offer to bring a cake. You might get people thinking “Vegan cake??” and picture something like this: Granted, some people would rather have a salad than cake. However most kids (including mine!) and adults (including me!) don’t fit in […]

dealing with birthdays

Last week, Miss M got invited to a friends birthday party. Kids love birthday parties, don’t they! One of my friends said that her kids want a birthday party every week, not just once a year! I think that is a sentiment that many kids share. For most people, birthday parties are not a big […]

how we talked to our kids

In celebration of the 100th day of school, each grade is collecting 100 items to take to the food bank. Each grade is assigned a type of food. Miss M’s class got assigned Mac and Cheese. She was upset because she did not want to be the only one who did not bring anything in […]