Fall harvest

Last week in Canada was thanksgiving. Being further north than the United States, we often have a shorter growing season, and thus an earlier harvest. However, we have had some weird weather and there was snow on the ground before thanksgiving. Most of September was cold and raining, and we got snow the first week […]

May Long Weekend

In Canada, the long weekend is Victoria Day. It happens on the Monday right before May 25. For most Canadians (myself included) it kicks off camping and BBQ season. I also enjoy just day trips to the mountains and cooking over a fire pit. Veggi and the kids will go play while I take care […]

protests in news

Lately, I’ve been reading in the news about a vegan activist group in Toronto protesting a local restaurant called Antler. A quick google search¬†shows a number of articles and opinions about this. I’m really not sure how I feel about these protests. One one hand, I get that it is a lot easier to protest […]

Birthday vacations

Miss M had a birthday last week. We usually let them decide if they would like a friend birthday or a family birthday. The friend birthday is what you think of as the regular birthday party.¬† On family birthday’s we try to do something a little more special and something that we don’t often. It […]